When I was chatting with Jonny at Cleverink about my web site he was very keen for me to have some video content, he felt that many people related to video more easily than the written word.

Of course, this is very true but at the time I only had one video from a past event, a rather terrible stop-go thing of the exhibition build for the Kinetica Art Fair. It was functional at best. Jonny tried to spice it up but it was a lost cause.


But, I have now found a really cool video that was taken at The Other Art Fair in October 2013. Its well shot and edited, its enjoyable two minute watch and it gives the viewer an idea of the type of work we can do.


Check out those beautifully built stands, the glorious long arm spots and the crisp cut vinyl stand names. Gaze in awe at the cardboard letters hanging above the bar.

We can do this at your event, we can provide the perfect canvas on which to build your event, whatever type of event it is.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words – this video is an epic novel.


Credit to Max Mallen for the video, here’s a link to his web site should you want to check out more of his work: http://vimeo.com/maxmallen