Write a blog they said, write a blog because people will be interested in what you do when planning an event they said.
But….A blog? Who is going to be interested in my wittering?

Two of my daughters have blogs, the eldest has one about her gap year travels around Asia, lots of lovely photos of sunny beaches and noodle soups. Happy smiling faces, young people having fun and experiencing new things, it’s a great blog to read, people have told me so.

My middle daughter is writing a blog about baking, cakes and baking, she makes cakes and then takes photos of them for her blog, I like the photos but I much prefer the actual real cake – as official tester I get to eat a fair amount of cake and confectionery at the weekends. Again, it’s a great blog with lots of photos of cakes.

But a blog about life at WPB Events? Who’d want to read it aside from my mother?

I’m told that what we do is exciting, creative, interesting and at times I have to agree, it is very exciting, creative and interesting at times but a lot of the time its not – take this week for example.

I’m working on a couple of projects at the moment, with a couple more further back in the pipeline, the two I’m mostly working on are the Brighton Tattoo Convention in February and the UNISON Annual Health Conference in April – two very different events!

So, this week:
Monday – I start the day dealing with exhibition stand bookings for the UNISON Annual Health Conference, we’ve sold 75% of the stands already so it should be a good show. I’ve already signed off the exhibitors manual that I wrote over the Christmas period and was laid out by the lovely guys at Cleverink so this was mailed out to all of the organisations that have booked exhibition stands.

The Brighton Tattoo Convention is now only a month away and things are hotting up. I’d doing all of the music side of things, so I’ve sent stage running times out to the headline and support acts for Saturday – Neville Staple is headlining and The Communicators are supporting. I contacted a few people I know to ask if they wanted to come along and do some busking at the Convention and I started to put together the bands for the pre Convention party. This is being sponsored by Sailor Jerry rum so they are involved very closely with the line up for the pre-party.

I ended the day with Cleverink to finalise details for my new website – its looking really good! The back ground for the site has been commissioned from the very lovely Emily Wood

Tuesday – more Brighton Tattoo Convention work today, pricing up video feeds for the tattoo competition, getting prices for lots of plasma screens and sorting out carpeting for one of the halls and more talking to buskers – I need a total of 10 buskers to play over the two days and I have a very limited budget, there aren’t many buskers out on the streets in mid January so its over to facebook to ask for recommendations. I’m also preparing for a meeting in London tomorrow, a meeting I’m looking forward to.