One of the things that we do for the Brighton Tattoo Convention is to get our friendly graffiti artist Sinna1 to paint some of the telephone exchange boxes around town to promote the Convention.

Sinna1 is a great guy and a skilled artist, you can see some of his work here:

Anyway, on my way to pick up lunch today I nearly tripped over him as he started work on another box for us. Its was blooming cold outside but Sinna was well wrapped up! He works both free hand and with stencils.

Here’s a couple of shots of the work in progress:



And a couple of shots of finished exchange boxes he’s done:



If you look at the original poster for the Brighton Tattoo Convention, you’ll see that he’s taken different parts of the poster and used them to enhance the stencils.


Thanks Sinna1 for braving the freezing conditions and for doing such fine work!

For more information about the Convention please visit their website here: