You know, I just realised that I hadn’t written anything about the London Coffee Festival that took place at the Old Truman Brewery in London at the end of April – how remiss of me!

It was a few weeks ago now, old news some might say, so maybe you’ll enjoy seeing lots and lots of photos rather than being forced to read my ramblings?

We built 9ft white painted panels (nearly 1000 of them) lights, cut vinyl names, carpet, vinyl flooring and Astro turf, lots and lots and lots of Astro turf, almost enough to cover a football pitch. Blimey that stuff is heavy to carry!!

It’s a great event with 22,000 visitors over the weekend – there’s a fantastic buzz about the venue (hardly surprising given the amount of coffee everyone has drunk) and the espresso martinis are just divine…..

If you’d like to read about how far I walked during the build of the event please check out our facebook page for details……

The photos below were taken by the talented and lovely Elina Bambeana, I’m sure she’d like to hear from you should you ever need a professional event photographer!