The Team

  • Richard

  • CEO

Hi I’m Richard, I do most of the day to day stuff in the office and at an event. It’s most likely to be me you speak to when you make an enquiry, me you’ll meet with and me who’ll be running your event. I set up WPB Events Ltd in 1998 after becoming disillusioned with the corporate world. I felt that there had to be a better outlet for my talents and my creative side than working for The Man. Of course, I still work for The Man in some ways but at least now I do it on my own terms!

  • Valerie

  • Superwoman

This is Valerie, she looks after the books and keeps things moving along. She keeps on top of suppliers making sure we’re getting you value for money and keeps the tax man sweet. She’s a sassy French lady who brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the company

  • Fleur

  • Junior

Fleur is our junior member – she doesn’t work full time but helps out as and when necessary, she’s certainly not shy of hard work and can put in long days and nights whilst still retaining that winning smile! She’s a whizz when it comes to computers and has a team of willing friends happy to help out with the most mundane jobs like packing conference bags.

  • Pippin

  • Security

Pippin may not look very fierce but you really don’t want to get him angry. This little chap will have your arm off if he feels like it! He’s trained to police standards and has seen action in the field. He’s currently training to become part of the mountain rescue team and appeared in the latest James Bond film as an attack dog – do not mess with this sausage!