Exhibition Management

What is exhibition management? I suppose it means different things to different people.

We’re not the type of people to turn up build some stands and then disappear – we like to be involved in the exhibition management, we like to be on site so that we can deal with problems as soon as they occur. We want the lead organiser to feel confident that the exhibition is running properly and its one less thing for them to worry about. Leave your exhibition in our very capable hands, we know what we’re doing and won’t let you down.

exhibition management

So maybe its best to look at some of the exhibitions we have been involved with and the different levels of involvement we’ve had in them. OK, with UNISON we do everything related to the exhibition management side of their two largest conferences. We design a floor plan, we then design and produce sales literature and sell the exhibition stands to interested parties.

We produce a comprehensive exhibitors manual (that has received many plaudits from venues across the UK) We also produce an exhibition guide that is distributed to all conference delegates. A couple of days prior to the event we arrive on site and build the exhibition stands our team stay once this is complete to welcome the exhibitors as they arrive to dress their stands. For the duration of the event we are on site, on call to deal with any questions or problems. UNISON leave us to it – we run every aspect of the exhibition floor for them from start to finish – we can do the same for you if you’d like us to.

exhibition management

But for someone like The Other Art Fair our role is slightly different. Yes, we still produce a floor plan for them and we build the exhibition stands but we don’t sell the stands, or have that much contact with the individual exhibitors until they actually arrive. However, once the exhibitors arrive to set up we have a very hands on role – helping to hang artwork, moving lights and sockets to each exhibitors requirements and basically helping out where we can – the set up day is very hectic with over 100 artists needing assistance of some type. Once the exhibition is open our role calms down somewhat but we are still on site during the opening hours making sure everything continues to run smoothly and reacting to any issues immediately.

To summarise, we can be as involved in your exhibition management as much as you want us to be. Prices – its impossible to list prices here as every show is so very different, but we are very competitively priced and should be able to better any price you are currently paying – just saying….


Give us a call and lets have a chat about what you want.