Kinetica Art Fair

We’ve been working on the Kinetica Art Fair for a couple of years, it’s a fun event and really quite exciting.

We build the exhibition stand walls and provide power and lighting, all pretty run of the mill stuff for us. However, the real fun starts once we are on site and the artists start to arrive to set up. These artists don’t hang pretty frames on our exhibition walls, this is kinetic art and that brings lots of challenges. You can’t really plan in advance for what may be thrown at us, the very nature of the work is often dictated by its environs and we need to be adaptable, flexible and creative when working with the artists and deciding on how best to display their work whilst ensuring that everything is safe and hazard free. There are around 50 artists represented at each event with around 400 individual works of art on display.

The pictures probably tell the story best, it’s a fascinating show to be involved with and the creativity and imagination of the artists is really infectious.


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