Live bands

The Buzzcocks, Neville Staple, Dub Pistols are just a few of the big bands we have worked with

We know what a rider is as well as a back-line. We understand that a sound check is necessary but have sometimes been forced to go with just a line check. Working with bands can be fun at times and challenging at others – some live bands are very professional whilst others just don’t have a clue. Strong management ensures that they arrive on time, sound check on time and actually get on stage on time.

Every event organiser should have a “tame” musical provider – ours is the rather wonderful Mr Al Stewart, described by The Guardian as “better than he sounds….” Al is a fantastic performer and entertainer, he plays pretty much anything and is one of those lovely guys who plays because he loves playing, to get paid for playing just makes his job even more enjoyable.

Finally, a quick word about DJ’s – a chap with a laptop is not a DJ, he’s a bloke with a laptop that plays some tunes. Our DJ’s play vinyl, proper records. We’ve got DJ’s that play 50’s Rock and Roll, Jamaican Ska, proper punk rock, party tunes, old dance-floor fillers but whatever they play they will fill the dance floor and keep a party rocking.


Give us a call and lets have a chat about what you want.