UNISON are our main client, we’ve worked with them for a long time, about 12 years. We work on their two largest events, the three day Annual Health Conference with 1200 delegates and the six day Annual National Delegate Conference with 3000 delegates. These events have been held at most of the major conference centres across the UK, each of which brings its own separate challenges. Our main role for both of these events is the exhibition area. We produce floor plans, we produce sales literature and sell the stands to interested parties. We build the exhibition and then manage it for the duration. Both events attract 40 – 50 exhibiting organisations. We produce a fantastic exhibitors manual that has been commended by several venues for its comprehensive information.

But we don’t just look after the exhibition side of things – we tend to be used as the ‘go to’ guys for anything out of the ordinary that is required at either event. We pack the delegate bags and have staff to hand them out to delegates, we build dividing walls, provide carpeting, make signage, organise social events with live bands, supply furniture, the list is pretty endless. We’ve even sourced confetti cannons with 12 hours notice at one event. We build the UNISON Conference office for each event and at the National Delegate Conference we custom build a large stand called the UNIZONE. Due to the size of both events we are required to work with many different departments from within UNISON and clear communications, teamwork and confidence in our services are essential to the success of these events. Many people within UNISON know of the services we offer and we are often asked to assist with a variety of events outside of the two main conferences, we’ve sorted out retirement parties, social events and much more. As you can probably imagine working with an organisation like UNISON requires a great deal of diplomacy, tact and professionalism.

If you’d like to know more about our work with UNISON please drop us a line. If you are interested in booking an exhibition stand at one of the UNISON Conferences you can find more information here: Insert health and national stand booking forms here as a link or a link to the events page on the UNISON website


Give us a call and lets have a chat about what you want.