Venue Scouts

You want venues? Blimey we’ve found hundreds over the years.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – Google is your friend when searching for venues – its easy, enter the area and a few other key words and Google sorts it out for you. But, maybe your Google-Fu isn’t as good as you thought, maybe the type of venue you’re looking for isn’t listed on Google, maybe you want something a bit special, a bit different, somewhere that you or your clients won’t have used before. Sure, if you want a hotel for a meeting or need to organise a black tie dinner at The Grosvenor House its easy but what if you need something else? Like an ex-cement testing facility in the heart of London? Or a photographers studio in the East End of London?

Fancy a swanky dinner in a car park in Soho or maybe a fashion show in an ex fashion college? Or a tunnel, or a prison or in a shop window? Yep, we’ve sourced these types of venues for clients over the years, venues that are hard to find, venues that you could walk past every day but not realise they were there, venues that have just come onto the market and even venues that don’t have any kind of infrastructure. But, we are always conscious of the clients needs when suggesting venues – many of our clients need venues that are accessible for wheelchair users yet they still want something out of the ordinary – we work as venue scouts with the venue to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability can enjoy everything the venue has to offer.

And while we’re talking about venues lets briefly touch on caterers.

Coffee – Elliot from Monkshood coffee is one of our favourite suppliers – he’s got two old VW Campers converted into mobile coffee making fantastic artisan coffee

Ice Cream – Our good friend Jon from Gelato Gusto has a superb mini VW van that will delight and amaze your guests. He’s happy to custom make any ice cream or sorbet to suit your event.

We have some great caterers that will cater to your every need – from hot dogs and burgers to a full five course banquet (or a six course banquet if you’re feeling greedy!) We love their food and are confident that you will to!

You want that hidden gem of a venue but need it dressing? Hey, guess what? We can sort that out as well, from carpet to drapes to lighting to custom built furniture and displays.


Give us a call and lets have a chat about what you want.