The 8th Brighton Tattoo Convention took place a couple of weeks ago. This was our third year working on the event, since its move to the Brighton Hilton Metropole.

As in previous years it was a great show to be involved with and we were made to feel very much part of the organisational team.

We’re left pretty much to do our own thing, Woody the organiser is a hands off type and as long as you keep him informed and don’t do anything stupid he seems happy to let us get on with things, not something you find too often these days!

We’re given an idea of the budget he wants to spend and we go away and spend it for him!

You really need to visit a tattoo convention to get an idea of how much fun they are, Brighton being one the the largest in the UK is one of the best to attend and work on.It is colourful, exciting, eye opening and occasionally jaw dropping.

I’m going to let the photos do the talking, all of the following were taken by a very talented youg photographer called Elina, her website can be found here:

If you’d like to know more about the services we provided for the Brighton Tattoo Convention call us or drop us a line, you might be surprised at the wide variety of things we did!!


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